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 Agriculture +An Activist =#AnAgrivist

What is Agrivism?



a doctrine or practice that emphasizes direct connection between supporting activistic principles through agricultural practices, establishing socioeconomic freedom through the form of self-sustained resources i.e. food.

Eg. Kandeaux believes in using agrivism to empower the disenfranchised.

— agrivist \ˈag-ri-vist\ noun or adjective

Who is Kandeaux?

Kandeaux is Candace Clark

Kandeaux is the Farm Plug: A sustainable, agricultural educator and intersectional advocate that farms... It's Lit.

My Specialties
-Agricultural Education, Communications, and Entrepreneurship 
-Natural Resources and Sustainable Development 
-Sustainable Food Systems and Regenerative Agriculture 

Intersections of Climate and Creativity: AfroFuturistic Co-learning and Problem Solving. One of my favorite pastimes is engaging communities of all ages around climate awareness and culturally contextual solutions 

Our Services

Brainstorming Sessions:
While some people call it consulting, that’s not dynamic enough for us. We believe in the power of intentional creativity and strategic planning. Let us support you and your organization with brainstorming sessions to shift your perspective and get on a better tract.

Speaking & Hosting:
Whether it’s a small class or a room filled with people, we will show up and show out with the #Agrivism (agricultural activism through unique engagement).

Facilitate Dialogue:
We can curate questions for deliberative dialogue, host and facilitate a dialogue, or simply assist with the pre-planning for a progressive, transformative, and safe conversation. The choice is yours.

From Brunch N Learn to Croptober and TyeDye&Taco Tuesdays, if you’re interested in curating a dope vybe or a strategic collaboration to connect the people with BIPOC land stewards and chefs, let’s link!

Email us details for rates here: cclark6473@gmail.com

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