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 Agriculture +An Activist =#AnAgrivist

What is Agrivism?



a doctrine or practice that emphasizes direct connection between supporting activistic principles through agricultural practices, establishing socioeconomic freedom through the form of self-sustained resources i.e. food.

Eg. Kandeaux believes in using agrivism to empower the disenfranchised.

— agrivist \ˈag-ri-vist\ noun or adjective

Who is Kandeaux?

Kandeaux is Candace Clark

Kandeaux is the Farm Plug: A sustainable, agricultural educator and intersectional advocate that farms... It's Lit.

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Kandeaux's World

Host. Facilitator. Community Builder. Candace wears many hats, but all with one common goal: Agrivism, striving to connect AG(riculture) and the culture.

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